Friday, June 10, 2011

Vegan at Target Field

I admit to being a big baseball fan. I went to the Twins game last night and I hadn't eaten dinner. Fortunately, a vegan can eat pretty well at Target Field. While one has to search a little bit for the vegan stuff, the team's web site makes the search easier by dedicating a page to listing many of the vegetarian (as well as gluten free) options. I started out the night with a veggie burger. During last year's baseball season I confirmed with the staff that the burger has no eggs or dairy products. (I'm not certain which brand they use.) Without reading the ingredients yourself, you have to realize that you're putting a little bit of faith in concession stand workers who might not get questions from vegans on a regular basis. They did confirm for me that the veggie dogs are not vegan. They contain egg whites.
Veggie burger at Target Field
Later in the game I went with perhaps my favorite Target Field item: veggie kabobs. You get two sticks with a variety of skewered veggies, cooked over a flame. They're really simple, tasty and healthy. You might consider asking that they hold the onions...I was still tasting them today! Also let them know that you don't need the container of ranch dressing. These take a few minutes because they make them when you order them. In other words, they don't just make a bunch of them and let the kabobs sit there until someone orders them. That's a good thing.
Veggie kabobs at Target Field
Finally, just to fill in the gaps, I ordered a banana from the "farm stand" that offers fresh fruit near the right field/plaza entrance. 

It's certainly not cheap to eat at professional sports venues, but it sure is nice to find vegan options. As a bonus for eco-conscious vegans, Target Field may be the most transit- and bicycle-friendly ballpark in the country. On average, there are apparently more than 300 bikes locked up around Target Field during a typical game, with significantly more than that during weekend day games. 

Although the Twins have struggled mightily during the 2011 season, I happened to witness a ninth-inning Twins victory over the Rangers on this particular evening.

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