Sunday, July 24, 2011

Kinsen Noodles and Bar

Saturday night we went to Kinsen Noodles and Bar, a new Asian fusion restaurant at 1300 Lagoon. The menu clearly identifies which items can be made vegan. Their noodle dishes are half price during their grand opening week, so I ordered the Pad Kee Mao and my wife ordered the Pad Thai. Both were quite good. The menu warns that the Pad Kee Mao is "very spicy," so I asked them to reduce the spice level a bit. The result was fine; definitely not too spicy. It includes rice noodles, broccoli, and red peppers. I ordered mine with tofu and my wife went with mock duck.  It's nice to have another vegan-friendly option in the heart of Minneapolis' Uptown area. I'm not certain when their grand opening week ends, so I'd recommend going there immediately!
Pad Kee Mao with Tofu

Saturday, July 23, 2011

City Hall Cafe

Veggie sampler
On Wednesdays and Fridays, the City Hall Cafe has a veggie sampler as a daily special. You'll typically get one or two different lentil dishes and either beets or greens. It comes with your choice of injera bread or rice. Love it. Yes, as the name implies, the cafe is located within Minneapolis City Hall. It's near the center of the building, at the 4th Street ground level. So, if you enter at 5th Street, go down a level. There are a handful of tables. Open weekdays during lunch only. The owner also operates the She-Royal food truck. I think their location has varied this year, but if you can find the food truck they serve the veggie sampler every day. Their Facebook updates appear to be sporadic. It's worth searching for.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Peoples Organic Coffee & Wine Cafe

I made another trip to Peoples Organic Coffee & Wine Cafe, located in Edina's Galleria. During my last visit I only had time to order a cup of chili. Their menu appears to be slightly different than the online menu. I ordered one of their two vegan burgers; I think it was called the Hearty Vegan Burger. It was fantastic!
Hearty Vegan Burger

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Wally's Falafel and Hummus

As fate would have it, the person right in front of me at Mesa Pizza ordered the very last slice of vegan pizza. So I walked around the corner to another vegan-friendly establishment in Dinkytown: Wally's Falafel and Hummus. You can get a decent falafel sandwich with fries and a drink for six bucks and some change.

Sunday, July 10, 2011


It seems relatively rare to find an authentic Mexican restaurant that includes a vegetarian section on their menu. Adelita's, located on Central Avenue in Northeast Minneapolis, does just that. We went there last night and each ordered the vegetarian burrito. Specify that you do not want cheese or sour cream. During dinner, it comes with sides of rice, beans and lettuce. Delicious and filling!
Vegetarian burrito

Monday, July 4, 2011

Vegan at Target Field - Part 2

Another trip to Target Field for a Twins game. This time I asked the folks at Senor Smokes to veganize a veggie burrito. Rice, beans, lettuce, salsa. Not bad. It was more enjoyable than the 9th inning, when the Brewers scored four runs to win the game on Saturday.  Here, once again, is a link to veggie items at the ballpark
Veggie burrito