Saturday, April 6, 2013

Mill City Vegan Visits St. Louis

Here are the vegan highlights from a quick visit that I recently made to St. Louis.

Pi Pizzeria. This cool pizza place has multiple locations in the St. Louis area. I checked out the Del Mar Loop location and enjoyed a thin crust with Daiya cheese.

Crazy Bowls and Wraps. Vegan-friendly fast food with vegan items clearly labelled. I went with the zesty beans over rice. You can order brown rice, which is always a nice bonus.

I Scream Cakes. This was the best vegan find on the trip, and we came across it accidentally while simply exploring the city. I enjoyed a cupcake with a scoop of chocolate-covered ice cream on top. It was fantastic! They had several vegan options. Note that the ice cream shop is right next to bakery with vegan items, but it happened to be closed when we dropped by. A sign indicated that they had a power outage.

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