Monday, February 14, 2011

Evergreen Chinese Restaurant

My wife and I had a night out for Valentine's Day the night before the actual holiday. We ended up at one of our long-time favorites. Admittedly, it would be challenging to find a less romantic setting than Evergreen Chinese Restaurant. Most local vegans are undoubtedly familiar with this establishment. Located on Eat Street, at 2424 Nicollet Avenue, we've been eating here regularly since the place opened in 2003.

Located in a stark lower level of a multi-tenant commercial building, this place has always reminded me of a cafeteria. But the food is fantastic! There are a variety of vegan options, including a range of mock meats. As far as I can recall, every time we've asked about each of the mock meats we've been told that they're vegan. They also make a point of noting that vegetarian and vegan items are prepared using separate cutting boards and woks from the meat items. Love that!

This time I ordered the five spice dried tofu with bell peppers (foreground) and my sweetheart ordered mock chicken with mixed vegetables in garlic sauce (background).

That particular mock chicken dish isn't actually on the menu. She just asked them one time if they could make it and she's ordered it regularly ever since. Each time she orders it they sort of think about it for a moment, as if to say, "I can't think of which menu item that is, but I guess we can make it."  Her dish had a little more spice than usual. We were both in need of quick water refills, but the meals were delicious, as usual.

I don't remember them having a web site previously, but I guess they have one now: Evergreen 

My fortune for the evening: Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.


  1. My wife and I love that place, too. I'm a fan of the pepper fried "pork" and sweet and sour "chicken".

  2. Yeah, both of those dishes are fantastic!