Thursday, February 10, 2011

Welcome to Mill City Vegan

I've contemplated starting a vegan blog for a couple of years. Now I've finally taken the time to get this thing going. I stopped eating animals in 1988 and became vegan in the early 1990s. Veganism is a big part of my life. My hope is that I'll have some fun advocating for animals and sharing thoughts with others who are interested in the topic. Hopefully you'll find some value in the words that appear in future posts. I published a fanzine in the early 1990s and found it to be a tremendous outlet in spite of the fact that the size of the circulation was very modest. It's time for me to try the 21st Century, electronic version of the 'zine.   

While I'm not certain of the future direction of this blog, look for a mix of Minneapolis-focused vegan stuff as well as plenty of posts that have nothing to do with a particular geographic area. Check back regularly! Enjoy! Offer your comments! 

I've been inspired by some of the books on this particular shelf...  

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