Sunday, May 15, 2011

Seward Cafe and Franklin Freeze

Green Bean Earth Breakfast at the Seward Cafe
I spent part of this beautiful Sunday at two Franklin Avenue establishments in the Seward neighborhood. I had lunch at the Seward Cafe. This place has been serving veg-friendly food since 1974. The Seward has always been one of those places where you feel confident that they aren't confused about the meaning of the word "vegan." Today I enjoyed a half order of the Green Bean Earth Breakfast, in which they substitute pinto beans for eggs in the dish that also includes hashbrowns and broccoli.  I also sprinkle a generous amount of nutritional yeast on top. It comes with a side of toast and you can help yourself to excellent jam. My wife seems to order this dish every couple of weeks, and I'm now hooked as well.

Following our lunch at the Seward Cafe, we traveled a couple of blocks east on Franklin Avenue to Franklin Freeze. I found out late last summer that this place has vegan soft serve ice cream. I only made it there one time before they closed for the season. May 7th was the first day of business this year. The ice cream is my personal favorite: Temptation by Chicago Soydairy. And Franklin Freeze has 24 flavors that they'll add to the ice cream!!! You can choose from three sizes and they'll mix two flavors in a single serving. I had a combination of raspberry and banana. My wife ordered German chocolate. Loved it! I'm pretty sure I'll be a regular here over the course of the summer. Franklin Freeze is just one more reason why Seward is probably Minneapolis' most vegan-friendly neighborhood. 
Vegan soft serve ice cream!!!  
Franklin Freeze

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